ICIS is an integrated community health information system designed to support healthcare professionals in the delivery of  patient-centric care. Designed and developed in partnership with busy healthcare professionals over a ten year period to fit a rapidly evolving integrated health and social care model.

ICIS is built around a rich and robust electronic patient record, which links together each of the functional modules within the system. ICIS fully supports a multi-disciplinary working environment with the system capable of implementing a wide range of referral protocols and care pathways. With an integration and configuration philosophy at its core, ICIS can work well either as a standalone system on its own merits or as an integrated component in a best-of-breed estate.

Key features:

  • ICIS supports all end users in both their operational and performance management requirements by providing functions such as client registration, referral/episode, discharge, activity/intervention recording, caseload management and weighting, appointments management and scheduling, care packages and brokering, clinical notes and alerts, letters and correspondence, group sessions, loans and equipment, system administration and a wide range of other functionality. These functions are universal throughout the application and transferable to all professional service areas.
  • ICIS maintains a local electronic client care record composed of rich operational and strategic information with the ability to avail of information that may reside in other key information systems through a range of system interfaces that are based on unique client identifiers.
  • ICIS is based on modern, industry-standard technology. The product has a contemporary look and feel and is intuitive and easy to use. The product has organically evolved over a significant period of time with datasets and workflows which are tried, tested and flexible. The product currently supports over 5000 users across three HSC trust organisations in Northern Ireland and is regarded as a mission-critical system handling high volumes of data transactions.
  • By availing of modular design, ICIS can be deployed as an overall system or on a modular basis allowing each component to be deployed individually to allow a link with other best of breed systems. As a flexible and adaptive solution, ICIS can be accessed as a fully  mobile solution and is currently available via a range of different mobile development platforms allowing I.T customers full flexibility over mobile technology and devices.



  • ICIS promotes information-sharing between clinical staff with rich features such as Caseload Manager and Current Involvement which provide a comprehensive view of patient care.
  • ICIS reduces patient and staff risk through a range of Alerting and Auditing features which are customised and configurable according to the requirements of a service.
  • ICIS is designed to integrate with other systems and has a number of interfaces that enable information flow across sectoral boundaries which reflects the reality of modern patient care. The ICIS Communicator feature provides a standard method of exchanging information between ICIS and other systems
  • ICIS has been designed with policy drivers such as Transforming Your Care in mind –  a range of functionality is available which supports the “Shift Left” move from acute to community and information flow across sectoral boundaries.
  • ICIS supports operational and strategic performance management information through self-service reporting features such as Waiting List Management, Caseload Management and Performance Indicators on all main forms.