Live Automated Microbiology Pharmacy Surveillance (LAMPS) was designed to be the foundation stone for your antimicrobial stewardship programme. In line with NICE recommendation it is a real time solution with interfaces to the Patient Administration System (PAS), Laboratory information management system (LIMS)and pharmacy systems with the added bonus of saving staff time and the frustration of double-entry.

The dashboard provides your hospital with a centralised, real-time and easy to use resource to manage and share information on infections and outbreaks. Information such as C. diff and MRSA Infection rates, hand hygiene compliance and anti-microbial usage broken down by hospital, ward and speciality is available to staff via an intranet interface.

It can inform the antimicrobial policy by managing and displaying the results of adherence and exemption audits. Outbreak and anti-microbial resistance detection algorithms will send customisable alerts, in real-time, to the relevant infection control personnel.

The LAMPS’ sample explorer allows professionals to understand the lab sample data in a visual environment. Slice, dice and graph the data and look at relevant resistance info all from the same web interface.


  • Real time automated surveillance of laboratory bacterial isolates.
  • Generates real time infection control and antimicrobial resistance alerts.
  • Antimicrobial usage monitoring including resistance patterns.
  • Retrieves trust drug usage from your pharmacy system.
  • Supports Antimicrobial audits.
  • Share important information with staff via dashboards.

The system integrates into the PAS, LIMS and pharmacy systems. The NHS dictionary of medicines and devices (dm+d) is used as the main drug dictionary.